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What’s in my bag.

Sometimes I get asked what do I use at work and what’s in my bag. So here is the breakdown. I guess it is also too much.


I try to read a lot. Checkout my Goodreads profile. Almost everything I read I try to read on my kindle. Paperbacks are much nice but also heavier to carry around. Furthermore with my kindle I can mark parts of text and get a nice summary at the end. I love it.

MacBook Pro 13

Enough said. I’m a Mac user since 2001 starting with Mac OS X 10.1 (Puma) on a Powerbook G4 with 667 MHz. Switched from Linux and never looked back.

Bag of Adapters

Ever since the MBP 13 with USB C I need a bag of adapters. USB-C to USB-A, USB-C to HDMI, Multiadapter USB-C to HDMI/USB-A/Ethernet. Furthermore I do have a USB-A Presenter and my Lighting to 3,5 mm Audio Adapter here (with some old style iPhone headphone as well). Recently an Upright-Go joined the crowd.

iPad Pro 10.5

For reading other things (like my Safari Online Subscription) I use my iPad Pro. I draw things with the Apple Pencil and watch videos with it.


The best thing ever. Potentially the single most used Apple Product. I love them.


My iPhone X and iPhone 7.

Bullet Journal

I recently started doing bullet journalling. So I take it with me wherever I go.


I guess sometimes it rains in Berlin.