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One year of blogging

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One year ago I started to blog again. Time for a little recap. Why did I do it ? I use this blog to write down my own thoughts about software and development. This is for my own reference but also it is a little way to give something back to the world wide community in return for all the useful stuff I do read on the net. I noticed how this also made me a better programmer. Try it out by yourself. Having a professional blog is also a good way for Personal branding.

Stats for the last 12 months I love number so here they are: About 15.000 unique visitors About 20.000 pageviews

Traffic 20.64 % Direct Traffic 36.34 % Referring Sites 42.44 % Search Engines Highest page views on one day: the Selenium 2 post, 620 pageviews (ok, this was big link of the day at dzone.com).

Countries I had visitors from 120 countries. 3362 visitors from United States 2090 visitors from Germany 776 visitors from United Kingdom

Top posts GeoLocation with HTML5 2670 pageviews JSF 2 and maven 2607 pageviews Selenium 2 and Concordion vs. Cucumber each 1566 pageviews

I have 142 RSS subscribed readers.

All in all, not too shaby ;-). Thanks Thanks to everybody for reading my thoughts. Thanks for the comments and hints. I'm looking forward to the next year. It is going to be a great one.