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Hi, I'm Oliver.

I started my 'career' at 11 when I got my first Commodore C-128 D. Besides gaming in C-64 mode I quickly discovered that it also came with CP/M, Turbo Pascal, and dBase. The path was set and I did everything I could to get a job in IT later in life.

For over 20 years I have been working in IT for different companies. I started as developer with DevOps responsibilities. During that time I started spending more and more time helping one or more teams on a tactical and strategic level. That ranged from guiding a 5 person team technically to a 10 team environment where we needed to reach a common goal.

In recent years I'm primarily working and enjoying being responsible for technology and engineering in a company. Bringing the different aspects of professionalism in software engineering, product development, and business on a table is in my opinion key to success.

I'm a strong advocat on agile methods, lean principles and professional software development. I have many years of expierence with XP, Scrum and Kanban. I'm a strong believer of the need to develop product, tech, culture, and organization together.

Contact me at Twitter, LinkedIn or Xing.

Book me for a mentoring session at The Mentoring Club.

Some things about me: Github, Meetup, Speakerdeck, some publications and Goodreads.